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» Removal of lumps & bumps/moles from skin

» Superficial foreign body removal

» Wart Treatment

» Ear wax removal

» Skin Tag Removal

» Nebulizer Treatment for Asthma

» Flu & Pneumonia Vaccinations

» Trigger point injection

» Skin Lesion Biopsy

» Minor orthopedic splinting

» Cosmetic Skin Procedures

» Callous Excision

» Cryotherapy

» Joint Steroid (cortisone) injections

» Toe nails excision/avulsion

» Preventive Vaccinations

Additional Test & Procedures

For additional blood testing, there is Quest Diagnostic blood drawing station located in the office building. However the patient might like to have their blood test done at a local facility, ask for the insurance company rules and regulations, which will forward the results to our office.

For imaging studies such as x-rays, CAT Scan, MRI and Ultrasound testing, there are nearby facilities at Lowell General Hospital, Saints Memorial Medical Center, Lahey Clinic and other independant testing centers in the area. The location of testing will depend on patient's insurance company requirements, and patient's preferences.